Earn Cash with Siam Real Estate Referrals

Siam Real Estate Referrals is an affiliate program that allows anyone to generate their own revenue stream on the back of the Thailand property boom, simply by referring potential buyers to us.

Earn cash

As a registered referrer, you will have access to personal Referrer's Control Panel in which you can refer new potential buyers, view your referral history, check your pending and paid commissions, and maintain your own profile information.

When your prospects buy and our commission is paid, you get your share. We do the bulk of the work; you cash in. What could be simpler?

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Referral Types - Manual & Linked

Referrals come in two types:

  • Manual referrals: Know friends back home who are interested in buying property here in Thailand? Or did you just meet a guy at the airport or at a bar who's looking to buy? Send us their contact information using your Referrer's Control Panel and we'll contact him to begin his property search.

  • Linked referrals: This is the standard "Tell 'em Big Bob sent ya" referral, in which the buyer himself identifies you as his referrer when he begins the buying process. You got him in the door, you're entitled to a "piece of the action."

    The familiar web-affiliate model described below functions as an example of a linked referral.

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Link to Us, Get Paid

Linking to us using your custom referrer's link is the easiest way to generate referrals and cash commissions.

Although it is not required to have or host a website, if you are a webmaster, then you have it easiest of all. The web's standard "affiliate program" model allows you to simply add our banners/links containing your personal Referrer Link to any websites or forums where you have posting control. You can even use your Referrer Link in an email messages. When a visitor clicks on one of your links and subsequently identifies himself to us for help in purchasing a property, you are noted as the Referrer. When the customer buys and we get our commission, you get your share. All for doing little more than posting links/banners.

The Referrer Control Panel will assist you in generating the HTML code you need to place on your web pages and email messages.

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