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Bangkok Hospital

Bangkok Phuket Hospital offers international standards of treatment at third world prices and is famous for treating thousands of foreigners from all over the world for every type of treatment from dentistry to heart operations. Click on your interest for more details:

International Medical Service ... "We Speak your Language"

The International Medical Center (IMC) at Bangkok Hospital Phuket caters exclusively for foreigners in Phuket and nearby provinces such as Phang Nga & Krabi. Our team of international coordinators speaks a variety of languages: English, German, Scandinavian, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Filipino.

We also provide assistance with insurance, onward travel, embassy contact and repatriation. Such as:

  • SOS international, Denmark
  • International SOS
  • Euro Center, Thailand
  • Asia Assistance
  • Asia Assistance Partners Thailand
  • Mercur Assistance (Germany)
  • Insurance

We also have good cooperation with many worldwide insurance such as:

  • BUPA International (UK)
  • William Russell
  • AXA
  • World Access, Singapore
  • AIU Insurance Co, Ltd. (Japan)
  • JI Accident and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. (Japan)

At Bangkok Phuket Hospital, we are able to repatriate a patient to their home country if necessary, a doctor or nurse will be provide for in-flight medical treatment.

Our aim is to make you stay comfortable and satisfying.

Our team of experienced doctor, nurses and specially trained multilingual coordinators will provide friendly and efficient service.

Our goal and mission is to be the premier health care in southern Thailand

Bangkok Phuket Hospital Network Services

The Bangkok Phuket Hospital is determined to expand the scope of our medical professionalism to serve as many areas of Phuket Island as possible. We have developed clinics under the supervisor of Bangkok Phuket Hospital known as Bangkok Hospital Phuket Outreach Clinics.

The objective of this service is not only to provide high-quality services to the local people wherever they are, but also to provide medical confidence among tourists on this island. So, do not hesitate to add information about our Outreach Clinics in your travel plan.

Hospital History & Overview

Bangkok Hospital Phuket opened on the 22nd of May 1995 for locals and tourists, whether Thai or from any of the 127 nationalities who have gone to make Phuket one of the premier tourist locations in the world.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket a member of the fastest growing Bangkok Hospital Network in Thailand, a high quality International hospital in South East Asian region. We are the forefront of hospital advances in comprehensive ranges of medical treatments and medical technology with a unique Thai-ness hospitality.

The excellent healthcare in Phuket also includes Japanese-speaking medical personal. Foreign patients can be assisted by interpreters and coordinators to many languages, from English to japanese. This can ensure you that language barriers will not be the core problems at all.

Our hospitals offer to comprehensive services from routine health screenings, internal medical, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, cadio-thoracic surgery, cardiology, radiology, urology, oncology, neurology.

The hospital facilities are also provided 1000 Out-Patient capacities and 200 In-Patient capacities, which include International Hospital Accommodation, 5 Operation Theaters, 10 ICU, and 8 CCU for your stay in our Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Hospital Introduction

With the strong co-operation with the leading hotels, resorts and spa on the island, we have initiated the Outreach Clinics, which is now growing to 8 clinics all around this island This can be ensured that you will experience the excellence health care service from our Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

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  • Quality Focus Hospital
  • International Hospital
  • Tertiary Care Hospital

Bangkok Hospital Phuket provides the qualities of treatments, health education and rehabilitation for our patients in order to strive to be the international standard hospital.

Awards and Accreditation

  • Bangkok Phuket Hospital has received the following awards and accreditations:
  • Joint Commission International Accreditation, USA, 2009
  • HRM award of Excellence in Labour Relations and Welfare, Thailand, 2009
  • The Hospital Accreditation, Thailand, 2008
  • The Hospital Accreditation, Thailand, 2004
  • The Prime Minister's Export Award for Best Service Provider, Thailand, 2004
  • Superbrands Award, Thailand, 2003
  • The first private hospital in Thailand to receive the ISO 9002 & 9001:2000 accreditation

Patients' Voices

Patients' Voices : e-Business Team

Dear Ms Ou Pornatcha,
Many thanks for the costings for crowns, most appreciated. I agree that the hospital may use my comments on your website and blog providing that my contact details are not used.
I also have another friend who will be contacting you regarding extensive dental work which has been quoted for in Brisbane, Australia.
Barrie Maloney

Dear Bangkok Hospital Phuket,
In March 2009, I received a knee replacement at Bangkok Phuket Hospital. I received excellent care. All the staff were very professional, the surgery and follow-up care was outstanding.
I would and will recommend Dr. Sethapong Chaimanee and his staff in the Bone and Joint Center to anyone who is considering elective surgery in Phuket.
I am doing well and shot an 80 on the golf course yesterday!
Very respectfully,
Mr.Bert Ludlow

Patients' Voices : e-Business Team

Dear Lee,
My husband and I have recently returned from Phuket after having dental work done at Phuket Hospital. We were both very happy with the results and impressed with the high level of care and professionalism shown to us. Thank you for your patience in answering all my questions and organizing the first appointment.
Many Thanks,
Mrs.Rita Murphy

Patients' Voices : e-Business Team

Hi O,
Just wanted to thank you for making everything go smoothly for the trip. The transfer service was great and always on time. The appointment schedule was also very convenient with our holiday agenda. Just got back home yesterday and back to work tomorrow.
Keep up the good work!

Patients' Voices : e-Business Team

Hi there,
yes!!! I am only too happy to have you show my message of thanks on your website. I have been telling all my friends here how wonderful your staff and hospital were. Thank you once again for all your hard work organising everything for me!!
Take Care

Patients' Voices : Dental - Oncology

I have been meaning to send an email to the hospital to express my thankfullness in the work that Dr supachai did on my teeth. I have been very pleased with the work carried out, I get alot of comments on how my teeth look now, how natural they look. I have no hesitation in returning if I need future work done has well I have recomended people to Bangkok Hospital Phuket and Dr. Supachai Kerdsap. Finally could you please pass on to Dr supachai that all is well with my teeth and I am very grateful for his professionalism in the work he did.
Many thanks,
Mr.Daniel Robert Hill

Whilst in Phuket last year I developed a fever and at the insistence of a friend saw a doctor at Phuket Hospital. I was only in hospital for a short period of time, but the treatment I received from the doctor was excellent and the nurses were very attentive.
Looking forward to my next trip to Thailand.
>With warm regards, Barry (Mr.)

I just wanted to let you know that I was absolutely impressed with my visit to the hospital in April - your service was amazing and the facilities were first class. You should be very proud of what you offer to your customers.

Dear sir and madam,
You did a fantastic job in treating me in May 2008. The service was excellent and the staff all very competent and professional. I am very much appreciated being in such capable care whilst being away from home.
Thank you,
Ian Mathersul

Patients' Voices : Khun Pornatcha, e-Business Team

Dear Khun Pornatcha,
Thank you for your assistanced last week for my check up, all the staff were very friendly and good service ...... plus
I had very good results....Im very happy thanks.
Regards, Martin

Picture: Khun Pornatcha

Patients' Voices : Doctor Dental Oncology

Hi Lee,
I just wanted to write to you to thank you and all the staff at the Bangkok Hospital Phuket for the fantastic job you all did. You all made me feel so welcome and the work done by your dentist was absolutely fantastic. I have had no problems with my teeth, and the wisdom teeth operation has gone even better than then I expected and I have no pain or problems.
So once again thank you, and please pass on my thanks to all your staff, wish you all a great Christmas.
Richie Cunningham

Bangkok Hospital Phuket - Doctor Plastic Surgery Patients' Voices : e-Business Team Patients' Voices : Ground Care Service

Hello New,
I wanted to thank yourself and Mantaporn again for your wonderful service. Every aspect of my stay at Bangkok Hospital Phuket exceeded my expectations. The level of organisation, service and care is far beyond anything a hospital in Australia could offer.
From when I first set up my appointment over the internet I was impressed by the service I received from Pornatcha Sae-jea. made everything easy and stress free. When I arrived in Phuket ensure everything was fine and confirm all the details of my planned surgery.
On the morning of my surgery I was amazed at how smoothly organised everything went. All my pre tests (bloodwork/ecg/xrays…etc.) where done within an hour! I was very impressed by Dr Pongsakorn's communication and of course, his beautiful work on my breasts. Even before I came to Phuket.
Dr.Pongsakorn has been answering my questions about the surgery via email. He has been very helpful and informative when talking about my concerns and hopes for the operation. I also wanted to thank the nurses in ward 5 who where very kind and attentive during my recovery.
I also had a very good experience with the lasik centre having my vision corrected. All the ladies I spoke to there where very nice and professional. After my stay at Bangkok Hospital Phuket, my mother was so impressed that she has decided to come back next year to have her liposuction. I would advise any of my friends and family to go to Bangkok Hospital Phuket. Thankyou for a truly wonderful experience.
Kind Regards, Chloe

Patients' Voices : Marketing International

Dear Nicha,
Hope you are well.
Rebecca and I would like to inform you that we are extremely happy and appreciative of the work and support Amm has provided us. Her level of work, support, dedication has been outstanding and because of this our relationship with Bangkok Hospital Phuket has flourished.
We look forward to our long standing relationship for many years ahead.
Kind Regards,

Picture: Ms.Panwipa (Amm) & Ms.Nicha

Ground Care Service : Khun Mathew, Khun Jodie and Oamrany Tayalor

Oamrany - Roenruedee (Lilly) - International Dental Center:
Oamrany and others,
Just to advise, we arrived home safely without major problems. Jodie and I would like to extend our thanks to yourself and the staff at Bangkok Phuket Hospital for the prompt, professional and reassuring service we experienced as dental patients under your supervision. Our experience at the BPK has ensured our return within a year or so to have continued professional ground care attention and exceptional dental examinations.
Warmest regards to Lilly and the others whom we met during our treatment also. I recommended your services to them following our treatment. I will recommend your services to friends and family in the future also. Our dental results speak for themselves.
We look forward to your future offer to host us when next We visit Phuket!!
Best Regards,
Mathew and Jodie

Picture: Khun Mathew, Khun Jodie and Oamrany Tayalor