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Founded in 2003 on the paradise island of Phuket by Richard Lusted, Siam Real Estate is the first/one of the first real estate broker(s) in Thailand. Having realized early on the promising potential of the Thai real estate market, Richard used his business acumen spanning over 40 years in a wide variety of different niches to change Thailand’s real estate history forever. 

Today, Siam Real Estate offers the best luxury real estate listings in Thailand. In addition to that, it also connects the finest independent clientele with the rapidly growing Thai market making it easy to settle in a foreign Asian country where real estate rules and regulations can be quite troublesome to any foreign investor.

In 2005, Siam Real Estate became a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR).  Having passed the rigorous Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) course under the expert leadership of Richard Lusted, Siam Real Estate received this important accolade making the company fully capable of handling international business and transactions in Thailand. This unique designation makes Siam Real Estate a key player in the Thai real estate market.

In 2006, Richard Lusted passed the course for CIPS Designee (Certified International Specialist). In the same year, Richard passed the valuation course at TREBS (Thai Real Estate Business School).

As Siam Real Estate moves forward, Patrick Lusted, Richard’s son, also joined the Siam Real Estate team in the same year. His expertise lies in sales and marketing. He has been successfully structuring deals, handling negotiations, accurately defining property value as well as managing agents across Thailand. In 2012, Patrick was appointed director in order to grow and run the business further.

The official Siam Real Estate website has received the best website award from Thailand Property Awards in 2007 and CNBC 2008, and 2009. It has also been ranked no. 1 in Thailand in the years 2006-2014.

As the business grows, Siam Real Estate opened its first branch in Bangkok in 2017 to further expand operations and serve clients in the capital of Thailand.

In 2012, Siam Real Estate launched its first Thailand Real Estate Mobile Apps for iPhone/Android in 2012. This in turn made it possible to launch property listings on the Chinese WECHAT. WECHAT is one of the largest media sites in China. Along with that, Siam Real Estate listings expanded onto rightmove.com and thailandproperty.com.

Siam Real Estate also runs a successful newsletter to 65,000 + prospects globally.

Mission Statement

The goal of Siam Real Estate is first and foremost to make buying homes and property in Thailand easy and hassle-free for foreign individuals. Trying to understand foreign laws halfway across the globe while trying to do business in an Asian country can be quite troublesome. 

Siam Real Estate removes all that pain and saves you time and money. With nearly two decades of experience, Siam Real Estate provides unmatched property and real estate services to anyone interested in making Thailand their homebase.

Our team works tirelessly to provide you with the best absolute deals in the property marketplace. With locations and partnerships all around Thailand, it is easier than ever to find your dream home/property with Siam Real Esta


With a growing trend in new developments offering property buyers environmentally friendly and sustainable new property projects, Siam Real Estate is always looking to be at the forefront and offering our buyers new development with environmentally friendly technologies throughout Thailand.


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