Buying Property in Thailand. What is Your Objective?

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•Why purchase property in Thailand?

What is your Objective in purchasing property in Thailand?

Thailand: Exotic. Friendly. Temples. Beautiful Landscape. Delicious Food. Remarkable lifestyle. All year-round great weather. One of the best-known destinations for tourists and expats in the world. Why purchase property in Thailand and why is Thailand for you?


Thailand property is an excellent way to achieve a good return on investment. Siam Real Estate has a specialized team that represents top projects and resale property across the country. New projects will commonly offer a guaranteed rental return ranging from 5 to 8% over a term of 3-5 years. Siam Real Estate works with investors to offer exclusive pricing and payment plans to help realize long term goals.

Investment & Holiday Home

Thailand is a popular choice for investors that want rental income and have a second home or holiday home. Buyers can benefit from projects run by rental management programs or hire property management companies. These options offer a hassle-free investment and provide a holiday home when needed.


Thailand is the sixth-best country in the world as a place to retire, according to a survey compiled by the British financial website Money 2021, which considered 142 countries in its research on retirement. For those looking to settle in a country with great climate and a low cost of living Thailand is a perfect choice. Quality health care and a big expat community establishes Thailand as a perfect home away from home.

Personal Use

Buying a home versus renting is an attractive choice for those living and working in Thailand. Siam Real Estate can find you the ideal home.

What is your objective to purchase property in Thailand and how can Siam Real Estate help you?

Investing in Thailand

Investing in Thailand. How Siam Real Estate can help you.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) continues to help strengthen the Thai economy. A global trend towards risk diversification in real estate has provided an incentive to rising investment in the Asian and Oceania regions. Global real estate markets are running hot and investors are looking to diversify to markets that are yet to fully recover from the 2020 downturn. Right now Thailand is in a recovery phase and real estate price still lag behind 2019 values.

Thailand is geographically placed in the center of Southeast Asia. The country has promoted business opportunities with surrounding nations and has established itself as one of the premier global tourist destinations.

Why invest in Thailand

Global Ranking - Thailand serves as a gateway to foreign investors across Asia with the third largest economy in Southeast Asia and a GDP of $1.14 Trillion.

Location – Situated in the heart of Asia, Thailand enjoys beneficial and convenient trading with members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). This enables Thailand to grow the economy, expand its business sites and offer better investment possibilities.

Tourism - Thailand attracted over 38.27 million visitors in 2018 and almost 40 million in 2019 which generated nearly 2 trillion THB into the Thai economy. Thai tourism revenue is predicted to recover to pre-pandemic levels by 2024 by attracting quality travelers from new source markets.

Political Support – To attract more business in the region the government recently welcomed foreign investment policy as some foreign-owned business are now eligible to be registered with Thailand Board of Investment (BOI). This program offers various tax incentives to its investors.

Infrastructure – The government has launched Thailand 4.0 which is a measure to support and accelerate economic growth by investing 45 billion USD. Investment will be made into airports, railways, sea ports and motorways.

Investment & Holiday Home

Investment income and a secondary home. Generate income and a lifestyle investment

Looking to earn a rental income and have a second or holiday home? Thailand is a attractive choice. When looking to maximize returns and lifestyle benefits there are two main options.

Developer Rental Management Programs – Some projects offer onsite rental management program which can be an ideal hands off investment that allow owners some personal use during each calendar year. The owner's usage time is usually around 30-90 days a year. These projects are operated like resorts with the operator and owners benefiting from the rental income.

3rd Party Management Companies - Those looking to utilize the property more frequently may prefer the flexibility that a 3rd party private management company can provide. This is a great option if the owners are looking for more options, want to use their holiday home more frequently or a rental management program is not provided. These companies handle all details associated with managing the property while the owner is away.

Retiring In Thailand

Is retiring in Thailand your objective?

The Retirement Visa is one of the most well know types of visa in Thailand. Technically this "visa" is a long stay extension from a Non-O or Non-OA Visa and can be renewed and extended annually. This visa is only available to individuals over the age of 50 and have the proper financial documents.

Requirements include proving you have enough funds to support yourself in Thailand during your stay. This will be in the form of either a regular monthly income (or pension) of over 65,000 THB or a lump-sum savings of 800,000 THB deposited in a Thai Bank.

Bank method: Minimum of 800,000 baht in a Thai bank for at least two months before the application date. After applicate date a minimum of 800,000 baht in the same Thai bank account for at least 3 months and a minimum of 400,000 baht for the remainder of the year until two months before the next application date is required. Normal savings accounts are preferred. A fixed account can only be used if the money is available on a daily basis.

Income method: Letter from Embassy/Consul certifying at least 65,000 baht a month. Supporting documents of the income may be requested by the immigration officer.

Every 90 days you are required to report to the immigration to confirm your continued stay in Thailand.

This is a fairly straight forth process and can easily be done personally or by hiring a professional agent to assist with the paperwork.

Buying Property For Personal Use

Finding your dream home

While buying a home is an attractive choice for those living and working in Thailand it can be challenging to find your dream property. It is important we understand what options exist and then find the properties perfect for you based on your individual needs. Siam Real Estate support team works with you to understand your unique home ownership requirements and can provide a fast, easy and more efficient experience.

Why Invest With Siam Real Estate?

We are here to assist you!

Siam Real Estate is dedicated to make real estate more affordable to the buyer. As your representative we ensure that your next investment is at a value best positioned to achieve a strong ROI and good capital appreciation when it is time to sell.

Siam Real Estate work with Thailand's top developers who deliver quality projects on time. To ensure more liquidity in the market, Siam Real Estate also works with a large collection of private sellers in the secondary market. This working relationship provides our buyers with exceptionally priced properties.

We offer the largest selection of property, land and long-term rentals in Thailand so there is no reason to go elsewhere. Once you are ready to take the next step in purchasing property you will want to have our professional and experienced agents assist you to the latest listings and the best investment opportunities.