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Two Storey Family House in Secure Estate with Large Private Pool, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai
Refcode: CMHSIL8553X
Area: Doi Saket
USD 185,013
Unique Family Homestead on 16 Rai in the Foothills of Mae Rim
Refcode: CMHSIL0166
Area: Mae Rim
USD 2.2M
Three Bedroom Next to The Golf Course in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
Refcode: CMHSIL0167
Area: Mae Rim
USD 339,191
Two-Story House in The Country near Mae Ngad Dam in Mae Taeng
Refcode: CMHSIL0168
Area: Mae Taeng
USD 274,436
Studio Apartment on the 16th Floor with views in Chang Phuak, Chiang Mai
Refcode: CMCSIL0169
Area: Chang Phuak
USD 58,587
Large Two Story House with Nice Garden in Mae Hia, Chiang Mai
Refcode: CMHSIL0165
Area: Mae Hia
USD 151,094
Three Bedroom House on a Large Lush Green Land Plot in Pa Daet, Chiang Mai
Refcode: CMHSIL0116
Area: Pa Daet
USD 370,026
Large Four Bedroom with Salt Water Pool in Mae On, Chiang Mai
Refcode: CMHSIL0140
Area: Mae On
USD 397,778
Two Story Pool Villa with Lush Gardens in San Phak Wan, Chiang Mai
Refcode: CMHSIL0159
Area: San Phak Wan
USD 296,021
Unique Two Bedroom Brick Single Story House in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
Refcode: CMHSIL0160
Area: Mae Raem
USD 231,266
Private and Quite Three Bedroom in San Sai Noi, Chiang Mai
Refcode: CMHSIL0161
Area: San Sai Noi
USD 138,760
New Three Bedroom Lanna Style House in Nong Khwai, Chiang Mai
Refcode: CMHSIL0162
Area: Nong Khwai
USD 162,534

What to do in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is steeped in history, surrounded by beautiful architecture, lush surroundings and home to more than 300 temples. Located far north in Thailand the climate can be cooler than in Bangkok.

The most famous attraction in all of Chiang Mai is Doi Suthep.  Located about 12 km outside of the city you will find this mountain has outstanding views of Chiang Mai and its surroundings. The mountain houses the very interesting Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, which is home to a large white elephant shrine and a replica of the Emerald Buddha.

An excellent way to spend an afternoon is taking a two-hour boat trip along the Mae Ping River.  Meander down the river and view many traditional teak houses as well as rural greenery, rice production and daily living along the waterfront. 

Next to the Ping River is the Warorot Market. Opened early in the morning this is where the locals shop.  You can find just about everything in the market such as vegetables, fruit, clothing, and souvenirs.  When you leave the market, take a short stroll into the side streets where you will find a lot of Thai handicrafts goods made by local Hill Tribes.

Want more unique shopping experiences, then San Kamphaeng Road is the place to find outlets famous for pottery, silverware, lacquer ware, woodcarvings and silk products. This road is famous for Celadon, pottery that has a green glaze that looks like jade.  Chiang Mai is also known for some of the best silverware in Thailand.

Get back to nature, and visit San Kamphaeng Hot Springs.   Situated within a wooded area and surrounded by mountains these hot springs offer mineral baths and a traditional mineral water swimming pool that have curative powers due to the high sulfur content in the water.  Take a dip and then pamper yourself with a Thai massage.

Temples, dining, shopping, exploring, hiking, and even swimming in waterfalls, Chiang Mai has something for everyone. Come and enjoy it soon.

What are the popular property types in Chiang Mai

If you are thinking about moving to Thailand’s northern providence, then Chiang Mai offers a multitude of types of property for sale.   

Houses are particularly popular as investment in Chiang Mai. You can find houses in brand new development or those is older estates that were built a few years ago. Chiang Mai offers small intimate homes right up to big family style houses with yards and lots of space.  There are also Thai-style houses and fix-it-up houses which would enable you to design your own dream home.   

Chiang Mai has a central Old Town section that can be a little more expensive than other areas as it is located in the heart of the city  with more shopping, restaurants and amenities available.  Outside of Old Town to the north, south, east and west you can find new houses in suburbs, or houses for sale in the secluded rural countryside.

You might be surprised to find that Chiang Mai has many condominiums for sale. There are some smaller medium sized condominiums with pools and common facilities. However there are also new luxury condominium developments with many modern features and amenities you would find in big cities around the world.  This is a perfect alternative for those who like luxury surroundings at affordable prices.

What ever your housing requirements may be you can find it in Chiang Mai.

Why choose Siam Real Estate in Chiang Mai

Siam Real Estate agents have more experience than any other real estate company in Thailand.  We have skilled real estate professionals and that is the number one asset that sets us apart from any other agency. Our agents are great listeners. They focus on understanding your goal and assure that the path is a smooth one.

Siam Real Estate can help you sell your property, or find that perfect home. Our knowledgeable agents will work with you and for you, eliminating the hassle and uncertainty of the selling / buying process. With two dedicated sales offices and sales agents in all top destinations in Thailand, we are there to help you.

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Siam Real Estate is the best choice in Thailand to help you sell or rent your home.  We are there for you.