Why be a salesman and earn a small commission when you can own a franchise and earn big bucks! You now have the opportunity of buying your own franchise in Thailand in your chosen location (while available).

This is a once in a lifetime chance to get into the booming Thai real estate market at a reasonable cost without huge overheads and build your own business for the future! SRE franchise offer takes away much of the complexity and costs associated with running a real estate brokerage and we provide FREE franchise training at the outset and as required in the future to keep you up to speed with the latest real estate developments.

SRE web site is #1 ranked in Thailand which means you automatically receive regular enquiries from around the world with no effort from you or your franchise. This is due to the exposure SRE web site provides globally and locally with major keywords on the first page of Google meaning the user will likely click SRE web site for more information and make an enquiry.

SRE bespoke back office (CRM system) is designed to assist you in handling enquiries, following up, keeping track of users, with more than 50 auto emails which keep SRE, user, franchise, seller all informed. The system also enables you to upload in real time property listings, the life blood of your franchise which is a critical element of sales/rentals.

No other real estate franchise offers such an inclusive package reducing your running costs as the award winning web site, CRM system and franchise support take care of it all! A Franchise without major costs!

All you require is a computer, internet connection and car, we provide the rest! You receive a high commission share and have low overheads, except running costs as our international marketing and web site provide the sales leads and our head office the back up support!

What no office? Yes, work smart, the world is changing and an expensive office is unnecessary as this is a virtual business model. SRE web site is our shop window and attracts the prospects in their home country from all around the world. There is little passing trade for any real estate broker in Thailand as the customer is mostly transient and there is little need for a local office presence, staff and high overheads. (Except as you expand and build a sales and admin team).

Our SIAM REAL ESTATE brand name is well recognised and memorable and immediately gives the enquirer confidence in your franchise and that they will receive a friendly welcome, professional free advice, property legal advice (provided in training), assistance in finding the property/rental which mirrors their requirements and relocation information if required.

For more detailed information, apply by sending email to [email protected] and attach your CV. We will then send you the Franchise Opportunity.