Fatal error: Undefined class constant '";s:35:"ultra-luxury-pool-villas-sale-south";i:8;s:0:"";s:7:"capline";s:0:"";i:9;s:0:"";s:16:"briefdescription";s:0:"";i:10;s:1133:"<p style="color: #f6f6f6"><projectName>Irana Villa Project</projectName> </p> Ultra luxury pool villas with meticulous living space. This is a new private pool villa project in South Pattaya. All homes are elegantly furnished and extraordinary designed. The perfect place to live and relax.<br><br> These 19 new villas have two designs, one storey and two storey, all with private pools and large surround terraces.<br><br> Smart Home &#038; Security. These villas are protected by state-of-the-art equipment including 24-hour security, digital doors, CCTV and motion sensors and a smart home controlled lighting system for your security and safety.<br><br> Type A<br> 2 storeys <br> Living space of 330 - 540 sqm<br> 4 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms<br> Price ranging from 20,162,000 to 23,160,000 THB<br><br> Type B<br> 1 storey<br> Living space o in /var/www/hosting/data/www/siamrealestate.ru/sre_com_files/includes/Dao.php on line 82