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Area: Other, refcode: KPN7871X

Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical Villa for Sale at the Famous Koh Phangan

USD 1,200,114
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical Villa for Sale at the Famous Koh Phangan
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 2
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 3
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 4
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 5
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 6
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 7
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 8
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 9
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 10
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 11
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 12
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 13
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 14
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 15
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 16
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 17
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 18
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 19
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 20
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 21
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 22
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Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 24
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 25
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 26
Luxury Unique Newly Completed Tropical 27
Other, Samui
USD 1,200,114
USD 2,260
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Phaeng Waterfall
Mountain View/Inland
488.00 m2
531.00 m2
Swimming /Private
1600.00 m2 (1 Rai)
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Bedrooms 33
Bathrooms 35
Western Kitchen 53
Western Kitchen
Private Pool 111
Private Pool
Parking Space 128
Parking Space
Near Shopping 124
Near Shopping
Near Schooling 118
Near Schooling
Near Hospitals 121
Near Hospitals
Near Beach 117
Near Beach
Mountain View 102
Mountain View
Laundry Room 77
Laundry Room
Internet Connection 91
Internet Connection
Home security system 57
Home security system
Garden 72
Garage 16
Fully Furnished 24
Fully Furnished
Fans 40
Electricity 83
Cable/satellite (UBC) 34
Cable/satellite (UBC)
Air-conditioners 7

Unique object. The villa was built not for sale, but for own use, as a private residence for a family, by the project of a famous Moscow architect. High-quality finishing, communications, equipment, furniture, and decor. Brand new communications and equipment. Sold due to a change in occupation and place of residence by the owner.

Plot: 1600 sq.m. (1 RAI)

Total area of ​​buildings: 531 sq.m.

Bedrooms 4, bathrooms 4, showers 4, bath 1, kitchen 2, living rooms 2, dining rooms 2, office 1, pantry 1, wardrobes 2, balconies 2.

Garage: for 1 car, guest parking: for 2 cars

Air conditioners: 5


The villa was originally planned as multifunctional. Its layout is totally differ from traditional concepts. Usually, in Thailand villa is in the center, and the plot is around the villa. In this case, the designers did the opposite: the plot is in the center, and the villa is around the plot. On the one hand, those who are in the house can see everything that is happening on the plot, for example, children are playing, or guests have come, and on the other hand, this layout gives complete privacy, no one outside can see what is happening in the house or on the site. And another important feature: the villa is of two buildings. In the building on the right: a master bedroom with an office, an adjacent living room + kitchen + dining room, and on the ground floor an isolated guest bedroom. In the building on the left: two isolated bedrooms, garage, and a veranda with another living room + kitchen + dining room.

The object has many use cases:

- private residence for 4 bedrooms, with a total area of ​​530 sq.m, for permanent or seasonal residence, or for renting out,

- two separate 2-bedroom villas (265 sq.m.) with a shared pool. For example, you can live in one villa, rent out the second one.

- mini-hotel for 3 bedrooms, with a communal pool, a shared kitchen, dining room and living room (325 sq.m), with a separate two-level master suite for the owner (205 sq.m), including bedroom, bathroom, office, dining room, living room and kitchen.

- public events, weddings, corporate parties, team buildings, master classes, seminars (for 70-80 people)

- an excellent camp, for online startup or a creative team, co-working and co-living for a comfortable stay of 8-10 people


The mansion is located in the most prestigious estate of the island in a very quiet private place, far from the centers of nightlife and entertainment, in the BAAN NAI SUAN municipal area, which has the coolest microclimate in Koh Phangan. The night temperature in the area does not exceed + 23 + 24 C, due to the walking distance to the national park: the KHAO RAA mountain, and the PHAENG waterfall, this allows don't use air conditioners at night. The daytime temperature in the area is about + 28 + 29 C.


There are only 8 private residences in the estate, owned by wealthy European expats. The administration form in the estate is HOA (homeowners' association) the chairman is elected by a vote of homeowners.


Household territories and public areas are cared for by qualified personnel. By the request, you can order services for the pool, and house keeping. You can also order full mansion management from the developing company.


The property is a 10-minute drive from the nearest beach, CHALOKLAM BAY, and a 5-minute drive from the island's capital Thong Sala, the center of local business and social life. There are the Island Administration, Police Station, all state departments and representative offices, offices of local companies, banks, shops, markets, and the sea terminal from which you can quickly get to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, provincial center of Suratthani (2 hours), and to the neighbour islands Koh Samui (20-30 min) and Koh Tao (1 hour).


The region has a superbly developed transport infrastructure, which includes a modern network of roads, railways, sea and air transport. The nearest airports are Koh Samui (USM), and Surat Thani (URT) with international flights to Malaysia, Vietnam, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Indonesia, Japan and Australia as well as local flights to all major cities and resorts in Thailand. The flight time to Phuket is 40 minutes, to Bangkok - about 1 hour.

The nearest international airports are Phuket International (HKT), Bangkok Suvarnabumi (BKK), and Kuala Lumpur International (KUL). The flight time to Moscow is about 9 hours, to London - 11, to Tokyo - 7 hours, to Sydney - 8, to New Delhi - 4 hours, Shanghai - 4 hours, Hong Kong - 2,5 hours, Singapore - 2 hours.


The owner's choice

1) Koh Phangan island is very different from all tourist places in Thailand, there is no package (mass) tourism in the island. In this regard, there are very few hotels here, expats live mainly in their own real estate.

2) The island is an ideal size, 130 sq. km, it is not so small that it was boring on it, but also not so large that it was far away to go somewhere. From north to south is about 45-50 minutes by car. The population is about 15 thousand Thais, and 5-6 thousand expats, a very friendly community.

3) Excellent modern infrastructure: brand new lighted roads, 3 supermarkets, 3 modern international hospitals, schools, kindergartens, ideal beaches (18 beaches), restaurants, markets, banks, temples, the comfort level is very high.

4) Due to the lack of industrial tourism, the island has a number of advantages. There are no industries or public transport here, this is a place with untouched nature, 75% of the island's territory is national parks.

5) There is no offline work for a foreighners in Phangan, salaries for local jobs are from 7 to 15 thousand baht per month, this is not enough income for expats to live here. Therefore, the Koh Phangan community is consists of expats who either have money or have remote income / work. This radically affects the island expats community: it's a very decent, wealthy, intellectual public. There is absolutely no crime on the island (deception, theft, etc.)

6) Koh Phangan is much cooler than Phuket, 3-4 degrees, and cooler than Koh Samui, 2 degrees, this is due to the fact that there is a lot of vegetation on the island, and the ground does not heat up in the daytime. There is no monsoon season like in Phuket. There are no earthquakes (seismic score - 3) and no tsunami, here is not the ocean coast, it's the Gulf of Thailand.


Chanote, with the right of further sale, donation and inheritance. The plot of land and buildings are registered to a legal company, which gives the owner the opportunity to obtain long-term multivisas for permanent residence for himself and his family. Retirement visa (annual) for persons over 50 yo , Work (annual), Study (annual), Elite visas (for 5, 10 or 20 years).


Utility bills (maintenance of the territory and public areas, garbage disposal, water supply) - 1000 USD per year,

Electricity - 1800 USD per year,

Internet - 300 USD per year

TOTAL: 3100 USD per year (250 USD / month)


the cost of a plot in this estate (6M THB for 1600 sq m)

the cost of the pool, with equipment and finishing (2.5M THB),

landscape works and garden (1.5M THB),

the cost of buildings, equipment, finishes, furniture, and decor, about 30 thousand baht per square meter on a turnkey basis (30,000 x 531 square meters) = 15.93M THB,

TOTAL: 25.930.000 THB


13.000.000 THB


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