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Area: East Pattaya, refcode: PTHS4081

The Better Quality & Excellent Security Yet Affordable Resort home in Pattaya

From USD 264,654
to USD 384,175
The Better Quality & Excellent Security Yet Affordable Resort home in Pattaya
East Pattaya, Pattaya
From USD 264,654
to USD 384,175
Foreign Freehold
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Cable/satellite (UBC) 34
Cable/satellite (UBC)
Bathrooms 35
Private Pool 111
Private Pool
Parking Space 128
Parking Space
Internet Connection 91
Internet Connection
Air-conditioners 7
Bedrooms 33

Authentic Thai architecture, preserving the beauty and luxury of both past and modern formation with 1 to 2 floor homes having 2 and 3 bedrooms. Fully equipped fitness room with a marvelous tropical garden view allowing you to relax while exercising. Security is maintained 24 hours with patrolling security guards and CCTV viewing all surrounding perimeters. Enjoy the feeling of fresh air daily with various plants and trees available. A 1,500 liters water tank is available ensuring you enough water usage for all times. Floorings are built with excellent materials, such as parquet flooring for the bedrooms, high quality cement flooring for all rooms and living room. Windows are made from dazzling, high quality PVC which is able to sustain to all weather types. The ceilings and windows are constructed specially high to make you feel more relaxed. A small gate is constructed for convenient excess in going in and out of the house. The kitchen area is located closely with the car park for easy access when returning from your trip to the market. The kitchen located at the back of the house which makes it convenient for doing all types of cooking. Large folding screen dividing the space in between the living room and exterior space of the house with a wide view of the garden, which provides a relaxed feeling. All electric cables are wired underground, for you to have a clear view of the sky without anything distracting your view. The location of this estate is located only a few minutes drive from the “Siam Country Club” golf course and ”Ma-ap Prachan” water dam. Each home has a Thai style roof which is built high for breeze to pass through making cool and restrained from heat. Most of the opening space in the house is connecting to each other which provide more usable space for a better lifestyle. The master bedroom is connected with the swimming pool by a big glass door. Communication and internet is accessible anytime around the house. Garbage is able to be easily disposed of from the inside of the house making the house hygienic, clean and pleasant to view. The roofs are made from rectangular ceramics providing an oriental atmosphere. High quality concrete is used for building all homes making it resistance to any weather types. Walk in closet is available in all bedrooms adding a luxury look.

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