Baan Burong Thai Lanna Homestay Estate for Sale at Suthep, Chiang Mai

Suthep, Chiang Mai    | CMHS240


  • Bedrooms 6 Beds
  • Bathrooms 6 Bath
  • Bathrooms Ensuite 6
  • Property TypeHouse/Villa
  • TypeFreehold
  • Total Area1,909.5 m2
  • Land Area1,909.5 m2

Front Entrance

The entrance gate of Baan Burong is designed to provide a clear view of the driveway while maintaining privacy with a variety of flowers and trees chosen by the homeowner. These plants line the driveway leading to the house.

The Main House:

A two-story wooden house built entirely from teak wood, divided into Zone A and Zone B but seamlessly connected by a shared staircase and connecting walkway. The upper floor includes:

- 3 bedrooms
- 3 bathrooms
- A large living room
- Storage room
- Kitchen
- Outdoor kitchen for hard cooking

The lower floor includes:

- A prayer room
- Storage room
- Large bathroom outside the bedrooms

Surrounding and Interior:

The natural greenery outside enhances the serene and pleasant atmosphere inside. The garden envelops the house, providing a relaxing environment for various recreational activities. The thoughtful layout ensures ample space without feeling crowded, and every detail, both inside the house and in the garden, is carefully attended to.

Baan Burong and the Granary Pavilion:

Granary Pavilion Entrance:

The entrance is designed to allow guests to enjoy the garden view before reaching the granary pavilion. The path through the garden of the main house provides privacy between guests and residents.

Granary Pavilion:

This two-story building, a blend of concrete and wood, is adapted from a traditional granary. It is used to accommodate guests, offering both privacy and space for activities. The lower floor includes:

- Living area
- Kitchen space
- 1 bathroom

The upper floor includes:

- A large bedroom
- A spacious bathroom
- Balcony
- Sitting area within the bedroom

Interior and Exterior of the Granary Pavilion:

The design incorporates modern Lanna style, with the surrounding area filled with various Thai plants, both fragrant flowers and greenery, creating a warm and natural atmosphere.

Bedroom in the Granary Pavilion:

The large bedroom with high ceilings feels open and airy yet remains cozy due to the detailed interior design. It includes:
- Reading and writing area
- Recreation area for sitting and watching TV

The balcony connects the bedroom to the garden, blending privacy with the sounds of nature and outdoor activities.


The upper floor bathroom includes a shower area and toilet, decorated with wood and high-quality tiles and fittings. The lower floor has a bathroom designed for daytime use.

Baan Burong Homestay:

Garden Surrounding the Homestay:

The garden around the homestay is well-maintained, providing a serene and comfortable environment all day.

Homestay Layout:

This single-story wooden homestay features multi-purpose areas, including:
- Sitting area on the veranda
- Thai-style kitchen
- Dining area

Ventilation and Design:

Designed with vents around the house and high ceilings for good air circulation, making the house cool and comfortable.

Interior of the Homestay:

The main hall includes:
- Recreational sitting area
- Dining area
- Kitchen area
- High ceilings with two ceiling fans
- Central chandelier
- Two air conditioners

The hall has windows and two entrances: a folding glass main entrance and a secondary entrance connecting to the Thai kitchen on the veranda.

Homestay Bedroom:

The large bedroom is designed to be airy and comfortable with:
- A large bed
- Writing area
- Bedside table
- Large sofa
- Wardrobe
- En-suite bathroom with separate wet and dry areas for easy maintenance

Homestay Bathroom:

Constructed with high-quality materials and fixtures, ensuring durability and ease of use.

Overall Atmosphere:

The garden, including a rose garden and lawn, surrounds the homestay and granary pavilion, enhancing the natural beauty and providing a picturesque setting for Baan Burong.

Property Titles:

- The homestay and granary pavilion are located on 3 title deeds totaling 625.5 square wah.
- The main two-story house is located on 2 title deeds totaling 1,284 square wah.

(Note: There is an additional 1.5 rai outside the title deeds.)

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